Automatic Standby Power Systems
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Why Automatic Standby Power?

by Tom Gumbrecht 

Why an automatic standby power system, you ask?

Oh, you didn't ask? Well... I think you've been thinking about one, anyway. Haven't you?

The thing is, when I was a young apprentice in the electrical trade, only the estate houses of the Gold Coast had automatic generators, then located in engine rooms of cavernous basements. It was something that was marveled at, the way an indoor swimming pool with a retractable roof would be today.

Well, times change. A house is more than a home today. Given the world we live in with instant global connection from your laptop computer, many people now conduct their businesses from home. There is much more at stake, much more to lose, and much more of our lives that go interrupted when power goes out.

To that, add an aging power infrastructure into which less and less investment is made to maintain, let alone expand, the power grid, even though demand continues to grow. Outages will continue to grow more frequent, and of greater duration. Automatic power standby systems are no longer a luxury.. they are a necessity!

Luckily... systems are not limited to those in Gatsby-type mansions any longer. Systems are available to meet every requirement and budget. Increased popularity and nothing short of revolutionary advances in technology have made what was once a luxury into an affordable investment in the security of our families and businesses.

We can help you navigate
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