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Intelligent Service

At Thoroughbred Power Systems, "Intelligent Service" is more than just a buzzword... it's our reason for being! 

Our experience has shown us that 95% of failures-to-start for even the most sophisticated emergency generators are related to very simple things: battery, oil and fuel.

A starting battery whose voltage had dipped below the threshold where it is able to crank the engine, low engine oil level which causes a fault shutdown, or in the case of a finite fuel supply such as LP gas, simply running out of fuel.

We have also determined that the vast majority of problems show up on the weekly exercise cycle, which under routine conditions comprises the bulk of the generator's run time between actual extended outages.

Think of it: The generator failed to start three weeks ago on exercise cycle, but no one is aware of it, unless someone opens the generator enclosure and checks the control panel... an unlikely event for most owners.

So who can be expected to watch over your home standby generator if you're not, well... home, standing by? We can.. not by standing outside your home but from anywhere we have access to a laptop computer, tablet or smartphone. Through the innovation called Smart Service enabled by electronic generator monitoring.

This is how it works: your generator starts in exercise mode, we are notified. If it doesn't start, we are notified. Low battery, low fuel, low oil pressure/level? We are notified. All in advance of an actual emergency. Some troubleshooting and analysis can be done via the web. Those conditions requiring the physical presence of a technician can be scheduled in a maintenance mode rather than a crisis mode.

If you are, say, away on a trip and receive word of a severe storm approaching at home, you may understandably be concerned about your automatic standby generator's readiness to be pressed into extended service. With certain systems, we can start your unit from our desktop and monitor all essential systems from our desktop. No site visit, service call, or apprehension.

That's what Intelligent Service is all about. Adding an often-missing link in the system reliability of your automatic standby power system. Reliability is, after all, why you installed your system in the first place, isn't it?